Northfield Ministries continues to minister to females of all ages and their loved ones in the community.  Due to lack of adequate funding the Northfield Home/property is not operational.  The majority of the women we served there continue to stay in touch with us, letting us know how they are still living life free and with purpose.  The Northfield estate has been on the market for one year now.  Many tell us that it has not sold because this ministry is not done with it. We have surrendered it to the Lord again and again to do with it what HE alone wills.  To be operational again, it would take the mortgage being paid off…without a doubt, a miracle.  If that occurs, we will pick up the baton and run with renewed strength the race marked out for us.  Or if God has another plan, .through a different owner, we trust Him in that also.  If you are interested in the Northfield property, check out:
Northfield Estate.  (

More than anything else, we ask that you please pray for those in bondage from eating disorders and other mental health issues.  Also, for God’s will to be carried out in this ministry and in us. Thank you for praying.

As we are waiting to see what God will do, the Home/grounds are available for rent for church retreats/staff meetings.  Contact Gwen at (804) 399-4364.


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